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Approval of Documents

30 250  25 000  bez DPH
Preparing a document and getting it approved does not always have to be an unpopular, administratively demanding process. The application automatically manages the document approval process so that there is only one version of the document, including a record of the approval process. INQUIRE ABOUT THE APPLICATION

Company Bazaar

12 100  10 000  bez DPH
Give your employees the opportunity to sell and buy things within the company. Employees can offer used or unwrapped goods to their colleagues through the app, and they can make enquiries through the app. INQUIRE ABOUT THE APPLICATION


20 570  17 000  bez DPH
With HelpDesk, you'll find it easier and faster to assign specific requests to your employees. You can intuitively find all requests in the app, including the current status of the solution. Inquire Application

Onboarding – The employee adaptation process

30 250  25 000  bez DPH
Taking on an employee entails a lot of paperwork, which our app will make very easy for you. The onboarding or adaptation process of the employee will be under your control and the new employee will know what to do and how to adapt to the position in the first few days. INQUIRE ABOUT THE APPLICATION

Managed Documentation

48 400  40 000  bez DPH
The application ensures the process of familiarisation with the documents by the relevant employees and provides a detailed overview of the applicable directives, regulations or documents and the people who are to become familiar with them or have already become familiar with them. INQUIRE ABOUT THE APPLICATION